Adventures in Anime #1: The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns The Cat Returns is a fantasy film created by Studio Ghibli to make cat lovers (felinophiles) lose their minds. Released in 2002, Studio Ghibli's recognisable art style is warm and creative. A scene where the young protagonist squeezes herself into a tiny house is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Mixed this with the detailed,... Continue Reading →


How It Ends – Review

How It Ends is an apocalyptic road trip movie starring Forrest Whittiker and Theo James. Whittiker plays Tom, a military veteran and the overprotective father of Will's (James) pregnant girlfriend. As power goes out in Chicago and society falls apart, Tom and Will attempt to travel the width of America to get to the woman they... Continue Reading →

Wind River – Short Review

According to the end title card there is no official record kept of missing Native American women. Taylor Sheridan's directorial debut sees Wildlife Officer and expert tracker Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) team up with FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) to solve the murder of a teenage girl found in the snow near a Native... Continue Reading →

Happy! – Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Episode 1 - Saint Nick There are dark forces at work beneath the snow covered streets of New York City. A child snatching Santa Claus grabs children away from unobservant parents; a Christopher Walken sounding mob boss hunts for the key to controlling the city, a washed up detective turned hitman staggers his way through... Continue Reading →

Discovering a Whole New Galaxy

Star Trek: Discovery Review If you told me ten years ago that Lucious Malfoy would be a Starfleet captain leading the fight against the wicked Klingons, well, I would have asked you what the hell a Klingon was. See, I've never been a massive Star Trek fan; a certain other space based saga has always had... Continue Reading →

Sausage Party Review

There's a scene in Sausage Party when a human character, tripping on bath salts, suddenly sees food and other inanimate objects grow eyes, legs and arms and, not before long, they start talking to him. This MUST have been how the idea for Seth Rogen's raunchy comedy was born. Sausage Party aims to do to food what Toy... Continue Reading →


"This is the story of a liar meeting a fantasist. And I'm not sure which one is which." If I were to hand you the screenplay of A Very English Scandal half of you would think it was a missing episode from a political thriller such as House of Cards. The other half however would be asking me... Continue Reading →

Binge Bonanza: The Dead-Pool

Ryan Reynolds is one good looking man. There. I said it. My man crush has had a bumpy road to stardom. Once stuck in Rom-Com land, the Canadian has since established a successful career as an action star. For a while Reynolds was lost in the Hollywood wilderness but, with the help of a certain... Continue Reading →

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