Five PlayStation 5 Games to Keep An Eye Out For

Sony have officially unveiled the futuristic, Wi-Fi router looking PlayStation 5 with a whole bunch of absolutely gorgeous trailers. The biggest takeaway from Sony's State of Play event this year, for me, was the diversity of art styles on display alongside a heavy focus on single-player adventures. Here are five games to keep an eye... Continue Reading →

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Who is Rey?

The Rise of Skywalker was a disappointing ending to a beloved franchise. Is the poorly written character Rey to blame? Read more to find out and beware MAJOR SPOILERS within.

Alien: Covenant – Short Review

 Covenant (2017) is the latest film in the long running Alien series. What started as one of the greatest horror/science-fiction films of all time has become a shadow of its former self over the decades as it has evolved into a franchise. Prometheus (2012) was a philosophical bore fest with forgettable, dumb characters and unfortunately Covenant has... Continue Reading →

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