The Tour Begins Shortly – Black Mirror: Black Museum Review

Before she stole the show in Black Panther Lelita Wright played British tourist Nish in the final episode of Black Mirror's  great fourth season. Alongside the delightfully creepy Douglas Hodge as Rolo the pair explore the titular Black Museum. As the founder and tour guide, Rolo narrates three short stories behind some of the exhibits in the... Continue Reading →


Black Mirror: Metalhead review

Metalhead is one of the best made pieces of television that I have ever seen. It is wonderfully, artistically shot and its suspenseful, penetrating score kept me on the edge of my seat. The black and white aesthetic is more than a gimmick, adding and increased eeriness to the apparent post apocalyptic setting. Maxine Peak... Continue Reading →

Black Mirror: Crocodile Review

Crocodile is a step back on track for Black Mirror's fourth season. It tells the story of a successful architect that will do anything to protect her career and way of life. Andrea Riseborough is on top form as the desperate Mia. Damaged, emotional and fiercely protective of the life she's built for herself. Mia resorts to... Continue Reading →

Black Mirror: ArkAngel Review

Jodie Foster is the first female to sit in Black Mirror's directing chair and brings with her a smaller scaled, more personal story. Unfortunately ArkAngel (for me) doesn't live up to previous episodes of the show, while it feels different to what's come before it is lacking the gripping plot and memorable moments the show is known... Continue Reading →

Sphinx you know Egypt?

It’s pretty cold in Britain at the moment, England resembles the Himalayas but with less monks and I’m so cold I look like a Smurf. Dust off your hood, strap on your hidden blades and hop on a camel; we’re off to Egypt. Ancient Egypt. Assassin’s Creed Origins: Discovery Tour is a FREE, yes you... Continue Reading →


In 2013 Sony released Knack alongside the PlayStation 4. The platforming beat-em-up which sees you play as a mess of geometric shapes come to life was developed by SIE Japan. In the world of Knack, relics are a source of reusable and constant power. By smashing objects scattered around the game world and absorbing the... Continue Reading →

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