Huntsman: Winter’s War – Review

Huntsman: Winter's War is as generic as fantasy films come; and honestly, that's okay. It is a good film to relax to on the weekend without having to stress over deep morals or complex characters. A spin off of 2012's largely forgettable Snow White and the Huntsman, Winter's War surprisingly works better the more it... Continue Reading →

The Wizard of Oz Is So Much Weirder (and Darker) Than I Remember!

Before the other day I hadn't seen The Wizard of Oz for literally years! I loved it, I mean who doesn't? It's a fun, charming musical starring one of the most beloved actresses ever to grace Hollywood. In my most recent viewing however I learned a few things about the action both on, and off-screen. Trigger Warning:... Continue Reading →

Short Guy Rants About Tall Girl

Tall Girl is the epitome of First World problems. Main character Jodie (Ava Michelle) is white, rich, smart, conventionally attractive and a talented pianist. Yet she is a social pariah, cast out and mocked due to her height. Which in all honesty isn't actually that great. Bullying is a horrible thing that myself and a sad number... Continue Reading →

Coraline – Short Review

Coraline is a 2009 film from stop motion geniuses Laika Production. Adapted from a book by Neil Gaiman, the story follows a young girl as she moves into a new house and discovers a secret world. There is a hint of Alice in Wonderland here but the story soon evolves beyond any obvious inspirations. The parallel... Continue Reading →

Surrounded – Movie Review

Surrounded is a 2018 SYFY original movie about a group of internet vloggers trying and failing to survive in the middle of the ocean. Directed by Jose Montesinos and produced by the hilariously named 'A Shark Pack LTD', the film is pretty poor across the board. Writing, acting, editing, it's all pretty bad. To its credit Surrounded knows... Continue Reading →

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